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Every Business has the Same Two Problems

    1. Getting more customers or new clients
    2. Selling more stuff or services

Are you still relying on walk-by traffic, word of mouth, or the Yellow Pages?

If you're not investing in Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Mobile Marketing, you are already falling behind.

This new style of marketing can no longer be ignored. This is not optional, but absolutely mandatory if you want to get ahead of your competition and stay there.

Now, consider this...

What if you could be in front of everyone, 24 hours a day, even when they are not at their computer?

Program #1 - Mobile Marketing

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People are addicted to their mobile phones! (91,000,000 smartphones
in the USA and rising)

What if everyone, no matter where they are, could just aim their phone
and instantly see your sales message, see you on a map, see live testimonials, and call you by just touching their phone?

What if all of this was stored on their phone forever?

Your regular website might be hard or impossible to use on a mobile phone.

Mobile browsing is all about an unique experience. If you try to open normal websites on your mobile phone, you may find them broken most of the time. Besides, as an organization, it might also affect your brand image.

It's easier to get ahead of your competition and stay ahead now, than to fall behind and then try to catch up.

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Program #2 - Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has become a major factor in the success of local businesses worldwide, and has helped many double their bottom line.

We all know that the best kind of advertising is word of mouth, well Social Media Marketing is word of mouth multiplied a million times.

Every Fortune 500 company is using social media marketing. It's real, it's here now, it's not a fad.

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Program #3 - YouTube Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Hah! A short, engaging, informative, and entertaining video that makes them call you the expert is worth a million words!

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Did you know that video views can be as powerful as having a full-time sales rep? Increasingly, companies have been using video marketing for lead generation. You need to jump onboard and take advantage of this popular channel!

Customized Video about your business, put front and center on YouTube

Why should you care?

You‘ve sadly discovered that the old tricks no longer work. You‘ve given up on radio. You‘ve tried newspapers. That‘s the one whose readership is getting smaller and smaller. And the Yellow Pages? 91% of people are now looking online for businesses instead of the big book.

Google, who bought Youtube.com, has announced that they are now beginning to merge videos on the first page of their search results.

Video for your website is here, it's real, it's not a fad.

If you aren't using video, and using it in the right way, and therefore establishing your business as a leader, you are missing out on a great opportunity to dominate your market.

Program #4 - Search Engine Optimization

When someone is searching for your products and services, you want to be there, right in front of them, 24 hours a day! Just like Page One, the worlds best seo consultant for Google:

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Your website is the online door into your place of business, and just like it's always been, the number one website problem is getting enough new customers through that door. But when they land on your website, they have to do something! If they just look around and then leave, you have lost another opportunity to gain a new client or customer.

So what's the answer?

Easy answer, have a clear focus on what you want the visitor to do, make the call, fill out the form, or buy something!

Just how does one do this? Best way: let Page One and the world's best website conversion experts enhance your website to accomplish this.

It never fails to amaze me how many people won't spend $1,000 to make an extra $5,000 a month. Or even much more, some even double their business.

On the flip side, that's what creates the edge for those successful people, who do see the value and act on it.

Paying customers. They will find you. They will call or come to your location. They will buy if you gain their trust and have what they are looking for. talk to the world's best website conversion experts.

Do this now and don't look back. It will be the
   best decision you've ever made!

   But Be Warned...
        many of our clients have gotten way too busy... too many new customers

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My name is Julie Nation. I have been in business for 38 years. I thought that my website, JulieNation.com, was doing just fine the way it was, why would I need any search engine optimization?

On the recommendation of a business associate, I approached Page One Web Results with the idea of increasing my internet exposure. At that time I was not on the first page of Google for any primary search term that could bring me more students.

Page One Web Results did a thorough analysis of where my website currently stood against the competition, and gave me a realistic view of where I coud be in just a few months.

I said "OK, let's put it to the test"

The very first month I went from the third page of Google to #1 for "modeling schools california" and "talent schools california". That's competing with all of the big organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles.

If it works for me, it'll work for you too. Page One Web Results is the best SEO company in Santa Rosa and the world!

Julie Nation
Founder and President of Julie Nation Modeling Academy, Santa Rosa and San Francisco

707 575-8585

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Hi, I'm Diane McGregor. I own a needlepoint shop in Windsor California named The Regal Rabbit.
My website is a-z-needlepoint.com

I had worked with several SEO firms and search engine specialists, I was always up and down in the search engines.
Then I found Page One Web Results. The best search engine optimization company in Santa Rosa for search engine marketing too.

There are 3 important search terms (keywords) that are the lifeblood of the internet side of my business.

Needlepoint Canvas, Needlepoint Yarn/Thread, and the names of the top needlepoint designers.

I am now #1 in Google for all of these

If you don't think that needlepoint is very competitive, search Google for "needlepoint canvas" WITH QUOTES to get the number of web pages with that exact phrase, and Google says that there are 81,400 web pages with that exact phrase.

A to Z Needlepoint
8499 Old Redwood Hwy #111
Windsor, CA 95492

(707) 838-0220

Karen Simmons here, from AutismConferences.com

#1 Google for Autism Conferences in just 3 weeks, what else can I say?

Page One Web Results delivers just like they promised.

Autism Conferences
Sherwood Park, Canada

(780) 417-5336       AutismConferences.com
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